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Our mission statement was developed by our company founder and current owner Michael McDermott in early 2009.


Michael is the 5th generation master plumber as well as an Ohio State University Alumni. From the time of our company’s inception Michael’s goal was to create a plumbing company like no other company before with the main focus being on the customer.  To achieve this goal he structured the company in a method that does not focus on the volume of work completed but our customer’s satisfaction of the work completed.  This strategic plan has allowed our company to grow significantly by earning our customers trust and therefore their business in the future.

To earn each and every customers trust we promise only flat rate and honest pricing. This means, we will provide each customer with a guaranteed low price before the work is begun.  Our customers agree with the philosophy that knowing the total cost of work before the job is started is a key factor in establishing trust.  Along with earning our customers trust we also focus heavily on our team members.









This plumbing company was the best one I have ever used, and over the years I've tried several in the Columbus area. The scheduled plumber had a conflict, and so the owner himself came to do the work. He was very friendly, courteous, and professional. I was extremely grateful and very impressed with what a considerate man and professional business owner he is. Description of work: McDermott installed a new hot water heater in my basement and removed the old one. He noticed the main water valve above the water heater was corroded and leaking, and he replaced that, too. While he was here, I asked him to tighten the toilet in the hall bathroom. He discovered it had not been seated correctly and agreed to stay longer to rebuild the flange, which turned out to be quite a time-consuming project. I thought it would be a quick tightening of some bolts, and I was embarrassed I'd asked when I saw what a big job it was. But he was nice about it and made time in his schedule to stay and do it. 


We called 20 plumbers on Angie's list and nobody except these guys and another plumber followed through with an estimate and service call; McDermott has a very clear and detailed estimate, and they were consistent in returning phone calls and answering questions. If it weren't for them, we'd probably have canceled our subscription. They were professional, considerate of our 3-yr old's potty needs and nap-time, arrived on time, cleaned their mess, were fairly priced and did good work. Highly recommend them! 


My garbage disposal quit working. They came out, looked at it, thought that it actually wasn't broken, but was just jammed. Once they used the hex wrench and loosened it, it worked great. He, I think, felt bad that I had spent $79 on an Angie's List deal, so he gave me a hex wrench, showed me how to use it, explained to me how to determine a clog in the drain, and then asked if there was anything else I needed to have looked at! I was thrilled. It took him 10 minutes but he took the extra time to explain the disposal to me. It was an easy service call for him but he was thorough.


When I woke up in the morning I discovered that the kitchen sink faucet was not working at all. I found Mike on Angie's List and called him. He suggested initially that I check the aerator to see if it was clogged, as this would be a quick and easy fix I could do on my own. When this didn't fix the problem, he said he would come out between 2-5 p.m. that same day to take a look at it. Mike called ahead and arrived promptly at 2 p.m. After inspecting the faucet, he indicated that it would need to be replaced. He helped my wife pick out a new faucet online that would be high-quality and match the kitchen decor. He then went out and picked it up at Lowe's and installed it, all in the span of two hours. He was extremely friendly and professional, clearly explained what he was doing, and charged us less than he had initially estimated. He was also able to give us a discount for being Angie's List members even though I hadn't realized I was eligible for a discount. I felt his fees were very reasonable, and given his promptness, professionalism and clear expertise, I would highly recommend him to others!


Just when you think Michael McDermott has already provided THE VERY BEST service that could possibly exist, he finds NEW ways to be RESPONSIVE AND PROFESSIONAL AND A LIFESAVER!! -- not to mention unlike nearly every other service provider-- in the plumbing category or any other. When other providers would be telling you why something isn't possible, Michael is quickly finding ways to get it done. Michael McDermott thoroughly understands and builds customer relationships--that's how he has built such a successful business. My water situation was urgent and he had had the day from h***, filled with emergencies. Yet he managed to respond. As always, I am eternally grateful and will never call anyone else but Michael McDermott!!




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